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Sabrina Carpenter is a singer/songwriter from Lehigh Pennsylvania. She has a really classy up-scale presentation, and a soulful hip hop influenced sound. None of her album covers prepare you for the music. That kind of paradox is in the music too. It's like when someone really innocent tries really hard to be alluring and mysterious. Her voice is nice but it isn't breathtaking except in a couple falsetto moments. If you listen closely, it doesn't really seem to be about indiscretion or an actual relationship. It's just a lot of feelings about things but it's more endearing than songs about fast lifestyles or being happily taken.
Defining Track
The strongest song is Almost Love. It's poetic, the production is very urban, and it's energetic. If she threw some high notes in the end or had any sort of breakdown or rap feature to keep it from being a little repetitive, it would be great instead of very good.
Final Thoughts
Sabrina isn't singing for most women, or most men. It's like really clean seduction. It's slightly hood bop-friendly music. What sells it is her delivery. She's very likable because of the sincerity. This album was not written to make money and I think it's a bit underrated because of that.

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Sabrina Carpenter - Singular Act 1

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