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Blocboy JB is a rapper from Memphis Tennessee. There are rappers that hide their intelligence. Blocboy is one of them. His name, his album art, is precarious; his timing; his sound; A lot of thought was put into this release. It's laser targeted. Ironically, his rap ability is laughable. His punchlines are decent and he stays on beat, but his songs would be nothing without his adlibs: "Wha.......?" "On my mama!!". He is talking to a very specific group of hip hop fans.
Defining Track
Look Alive was JB's debut song and is by far the strongest. Not only is Drake featured, but JB's rap is better than on his other tracks. It's menacing in tone but the lyrics are almost like apologetic rationalization for why they're in "battle mode".
Final Thoughts
Blocboy JB doesn't have a lot to say. Girls, guns, drug dealing... He's got a sense of humor which is evident in his name. He doesn't take himself seriously but he doesn't take his music seriously either. This album was made for the hood and would be lit at a party.

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Blocboy JB - Simi

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