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Hodgy is a rapper from the infamous O.F. camp. After falling out with Tyler, the two still support each-other and collaborate with various members of the clique. This album is a total 180 from his initial image, but by beginning in the jerk movement and ghostwriting for "Bow Wow" he's already made a couple transitions. Fireplace is interesting but it's all hype. The album art is the most innovative part of it. Hodgy is wise to keep using the hip hop style that made him popular, but he only has one flow. There are no Hodgy songs that standout musically.
Defining Track
Final Hour is about looking after hip hop. If Final Hour is the future of hip hop, it will be a very underwhelming genre. The frustrating thing is he really is a good lyricist, he's just playing it safe on lack luster instrumentals, while abandoning the shock value/racism fighting he started his career with.
Final Thoughts
Hodgy is a good rapper. At a glance, you miss him from odd future's camp however, when you put him center stage, it's apparent that he wasn't in Tyler's shadow, he was just not as interesting or talented as Frank, Earl, or Tyler. With that said, he deserves more credit for helping build the collective. When Earl was gone, he was beta.

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Hodgy - Fireplace: TheNotTheOtherSide

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