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Travis Scott is an experimental hip hop artist from Houston, Texas. He's not really a singer. He psuedo-sings with heavy auto-tune. He's a decent rapper but lyrics are not the selling point of this album. The production is very good. The music overall is comparable to Kid Cudi. Travis Scott isn't bursting with personality, but he has a lot of confidence and is very convicted. Like the album title, most of the songs don't have a very coherent message.
Defining Track
Wonderful is a collab with the Weeknd. It's very good and it's interesting that he isn't completely outshined by a vocalist as seasoned as the Weeknd is. It's not really geared towards women but it's essentially a duet. It just seems like a missed opportunity.
Final Thoughts
Travis Scott is very well-connected. You'll find his music in all the right places, but it's carried by his cool persona moreso than anything musical. This album won't have serious fans, the songs won't have serious fans, but he does and will continue to.

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Travis Scott - Birds In The Trap Sing Mckknight

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