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Gucci Mane is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He is an icon among trap artists. Although a lot of his music is a bit empty in lyrical stye and message, this album lives up to his post-prison hype. Gucci's back. Gucci is so deep into his trapping lifestyle that he's comically out of touch with reality. That doesn't sound like a compliment but that's what's so magnetic about his music, he has an up-beat very off-beat statement about everything.
Defining Track
There's a collab with Drake called "Back on Road." The song is very polished and not surprisingly, Drake adds a quality hook. What the song is about is a little unclear but it's refreshing to hear Drake step outside of correct grammer.
Final Thoughts
Gucci Mane has never had so much star power. The current simplicity seeking trend and his recent prison release has just sent his career into over-drive. Everybody Looking is a lot better then his previous albums and couldn't have been released at a better time.

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Gucci Mane - Everybody Looking

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