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Riff Raff is a rapper from Houston, Texas. Although he presents himself in a humor focused way, his music is 100% trap music from the instrumentals to most of the lyrics. Peach Panther is a nice sentiment. Riff Raff has respect for standard hip hop culture and he shamelessly adds his music to it. The Peach Panther title probably won't leave a lasting impact, and there are several heavier trap artists you could listen to, but the novelty of Riff Raff's humility is good for the genre overall.
Defining Track
4 Million is a good representation of Riff Raff's style. The beat is good and his lyrics are humor focused. However, it's only funny enough to be mildly entertaining. It's not handled well enough to stand on it's own as a serious song.
Final Thoughts
Trap music is usually a lot more sinister, however his presentation is so comedic, it's a little difficult to figure out who this album was written for; ...Suburban trappers? Hood rappers that want a laugh while they trap? Upstanding citizens that are trying to avoid supporting trap music completely? This album is decent, the presentation just makes very little sense.

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Riff Raff - Peach Panther

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