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Trinidad James is rapper from Atlanta Georgia who has a style that is often received as a joke and in all fairness he is far more humour focused then most of his competition. However, there is a depth to his presentation that gets lost in the translation to his audience. He is extremely purposeful. While tailoring line after line to his female audience, leaning heavily towards abstract production, giving shout-outs to influential companies, and slipping in surprisingly insightful philosophical views, no one is laughing at him, they're laughing with him. The quality of the release is debatable because the same humour that makes it enjoyable is created by over-simplifying and avoiding conventional technique. You will either hate or love this mix-tape.
Defining Track
All gold everything is the premier release and plays in Trinidad James extraordinarily "in your face" persona. Essentially, the song is the audio equivalent of show boating. Interestingly enough, there seems to be a morale to the song. "This song for them f*** n***** who hatin on you this summer, talk s*** behind you back but won't say s*** in public." Likewise, the entire song is filled with serious thoughts delivered in the least serious way possible.
Final Thoughts
Trinidad James doesn't take himself very seriously but it's a shame because behind all of the satire and production there is a highly opinionated artist with a lot more skill than is being exerted on any of the songs on Don't Be S.A.F.E. However, Trinidad James' music has a positivity and pleasantness about it that extends far beyond the content or message.

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