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Robb Bank$ is a rapper from South Florida who has been met with a peculiarly consistent but subdued hype that keeps him perpetually on the cusp of success. Originally referring to himself as "Tumblr god", this emcee has had an immense number of improper labels attached to his presentation. He is a trill-wave, ambient, conscious rapper whose greatest contribution to hip hop is a meditative monologue style that gives the feeling of a train of thought far beyond the extent of other conscious rappers. Robb Bank$' attempt at creating a lifestyle movement; "Savage Life" was met with little to no success due to the present nature of his own career however, there are savages out there. Calendars isn't the most consistent LP stylistically due to Robb's lack of an in-house producer. The only tracks with any replay value are the one's Clams Casino's production graces. This is not to say that Bank$ isn't a talented stand alone artist or even that the rest of the production is awful, its just that Robb seems to come alive on Clams' production.
Defining Track
Finest is the most relevant release off of the album and features Robb Bank$ prominently displaying his unique stream of consciousness writing style while he peculiarly portrays himself as a womanizing adolescent defined by elitism. Clam's Casino's instrumental is spacious and calm while Robb raps in a reserved almost trance like style over it.
Final Thoughts
This release wasn't highly appreciated but Calendar's position in the background of indie hip hop will increase the lifespan of its eventual discovery. Robb Bank$ is possibly a little too caught up in trends as well. The mix of his trill-focus, supreme references, and lifestyle campaigning just seems a little to much like an appeal to those looking for more of the same and honestly, he's far too talented to be that.

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