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You would never be able to appreciate a release like this without understanding what Odd Future essentially is: the embodiment of rebellion and youth. Filter the album through that and it will be tolerable. If you forget that, you will probably be disappointed. At times, it is lyrically impressive, at others the only objective is to say, "Hey, we can get away with anything." Essentially, they can. The only thing that holds this album back is that in the light of their growing fame, their image has become a lot less shock value dependent while lacking any new content equally as interesting. It is far more difficult to create collective releases like this and so it isn't fair to compare the quality of it to solo hip hop releases and unnecessary because the point of the album is not to prove anything but merely to celebrate their almost family-like bond and massive success.
Defining Track
Rella is the premier track and has the purpose of summarizing the rebelliousness of the group and explaining odd future's currently pseudo-glamorous lifestyle. There is very little that is impressive about this song except Odd Future's previously established poetry focused conscious rap style. One interesting note about the track is that it's the first time Tyler experimented with a faster flow scheme and abandoned the group's otherwise exclusively conscious rap lineage.
Final Thoughts
There is a sincerity in this album that is far more important than its actual content. Their offensiveness has been exchanged with the joy of unity during success.

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