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Building discipline is about channeling your passion. You really have to care about something on a deeper level to truly master it.

RapIndie used to get a lot of negativity early on, and on the occasions that I would decide to quit, the negativity persisted. I realized that there was nothing to gain from quitting.

A strong motivation is seeing possibilities manifest that extend farther than what you planned. It makes you wonder how far you could go. That confidence and excitement is powerful.

The work between concept and fruition is probably the hardest thing to teach. The finished product has to be worth the current struggles to you. Creatively, you have to have a strong enough desire to see your ideas completed, to do repetitive or grueling work along the journey.

People, motivational speeches; everyone gets burnt out so you need people or content that reinvigorates you mentally and emotionally. You also have to be in tune enough with yourself to know when you need a pep talk and go find one.

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