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RapIndie 2021 Survival Guide

First off, I've been lucky at times and I've been targeted before; so don't expect an easy road following me, and don't blame me for raising any sort of bar or standard. Neither makes sense.

Everyone needs a functional survival concept. FSC. If you can rationalize why people should leave you alone, good. If you can rationalize why they won't be able to mess with you, even better. Be logical.

It all comes down to three things, "universal approval" (everyone at least tolerates your presence), "consistent situation analysis" (being right about your analysis), and "the feeling of greatness when others observe you".

Impressiveness and tutorials do not mix, so unless we can separate the students from the graders, this is a terrible place to learn exact methods.

Orange glasses are heroic because of the bullying racist ideas. White glasses are sociopathic due to those same ideas. You need a better strategy than showing off.

Observe the filter which right now is either "evolution" or "insecurity" depending on your circle.

Finally you need a performance concept that is as strong as a hip hop intellectual.

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