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Pick a Side vs. Pick an Approach

We live in a very divided country in 2021. Although we see it very clearly, the question of allegiance is rarely actually talked about. 

The composite poverty stricken urban citizen is not what America is trying to be. Evolution was and still is the animal themed lens that everyone is measured by, and intelligence is the proven consensus of what it means to be evolved.

The usage of formulaic destruction is pushing artists to be extremely clear about their ethnic loyalty, but many people are a bit too quick to judge rapper presentation that way.

What I mean is aside from the goal, the route is overlooked. Is it more helpful to speak Spanish, or German? And either way, what's the difference? 

Is black elitism forcing America to rethink its prejudices and invert them? (GOOD GLASSSES)

or does America's rejection of elitism mean rap culture is currently a target based on insecurity? (BAD GLASSES)

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