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When RapIndie started, there was no criticism. It may seem hard to imagine, but all of the reception was positive.

However, as it gained traction it was used as a racism fighting device.

The initial strategy/concept was finding and showcasing non-stereotypical rappers. At first, the division was elder generation control so if we showed that modern rappers were different maybe they'd let go of prejudice. However, they were stubborn and challenged copying rock music, claimed they were inherently less attractive on average, and in some cases gave up on rationalizing their prejudice.

What started as showcasing rapper's potential intellectually, turned into organizing their intelligence to ease or focus the racism.

In 2021, RapIndie is in the building. Anyone that says different is just trying to feel important. All we're doing is passing out clout to get rappers accepted and maybe that's enough. Even if the whole country was the same color, we would still have elitism.

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