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There is a thin line between teaching acceptance of the lack of education and glorifying ignorance.

Tea tends to be pro-black and coffee tends to be pro-white. That's not always true, but it's what the general perception is.

Embracing generic rappers over and over may be helping, but it may be more effective to sell the composite urban citizen.

The fundamental mis-understanding about acceptance is, it's not always about approval, sometimes it's about the feeling of superiority. Which explains why status and acceptance are so closely linked. However, recently Doritos, anime, etc. make the hate seem self-interest based. "It's not MY culture". Before you condemn this, why shouldn't acceptance be advantageous? People have benefitted from inclusion, but it seems charitable at first because the benefits to helping others are rarely apparent.

Is there something wrong with the hood? If so, maybe we need to re-evaluate it. A lot of social problems are conceptual. The average citizen... Is less articulate, poorly educated, they look different?

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