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Repetition is dangerous for progression. 

RapIndie was designed with the notion that the hate was directed at stereotypical hip hop only. Sadly; Doritos; Anime; Raman Noodles; have told a different story. There is an informed yet undefined resistance as well.

Once that is reached, the question becomes how do you make content to avert it? A hood music video makes RapIndie look inclusive and heroic, but is the RapIndie cosign enough to give clout to poverty- based music? Even if it is, what does reiterating that cosign of specific artists in hood culture do? We get it, RapIndie respects all hip hop.

People have seen a lot of prolific, intellectual rap as well. Has the success of intellectual rappers amounted to a value of the composite urban person? or just the intellectuals (links, creators, etc)?

Exposure and familiarity may be more powerful and important than people think. Maybe that's the objective of cancelling cultures. "Foreign" is almost synonymous to unfamiliar. Maybe repetition has it's value.

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