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Paintings and Hip Hop

Art is a form of expression. Although every civilization has had one form of art or another, the work is different yet united by the aim to build on what was done before. Hip hop began with a bouncing flow that was all basically the same tempo. The addition of money created rap that was more musical than it was intimidating or street themed. Now, rap has explored so many innovations that the new focus is the preservation of its origin culture socially. 

New hip hop is more about people than it is music. That's a mixed blessing because most of the music is more of a stereotypical composite rendering than an authentic depiction of how the culture truly feels now. There would be no artificial simulation of RapIndie because it's too progressive to be a composite of what you would expect a hip hop fan to create. 

Martin Luther King's vision is what makes this website possible due to the inclusion of educational institutions. He granted us the chance to be exposed to the cultures that mix together and create RapIndie.

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