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One of the nicest things about rap's relative youth amongst other genres, is that there is a freeness that comes from a complete detachment for the norms and traditions within it.

Although intelligence amongst hipsters was replaced by heritage pride, the subtle yet genius reaction was capitalizing on the shallow appearance appraisal by signing rappers with iconic/gimmicky appearances. From rainbow hair to face tats, the shallow judge a book by it's cover disownment of rap was conquered by visual anomalies.

However, in 2021, it's actually a little uncertain what fans of hip hop are interested in. The cultural clash has tamed into a sort of daily grind. The age of the new audiences is making rappers’ success a lot more modest. The disownment of the culture hasn't ended, but it isn't visual elitism. If anything, it's a visual insecurity and a self-preservation indifference.

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