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One of the frustrating things about today's music, is the insincerity. Kanye West has always done an amazing job at navigating through the lies society places for functionality. Takashi 69 had a terrible image, made simplistic music, and made bad business decisions, but his bold transparency made him one of the biggest artists in the world in a very short amount of time. (For the record, RapIndie does not condone Takashi's message either). 
In 2020, rappers are pretending to have these fantastic lives; Lots of interaction, lots of safety, and lots of success. No one addresses all of the standardized challenges that their audience faces. All the struggles are secrets which is a problem because they could be giving support or advice instead of just funneling all of their fans into a destructive machine. Sampling life is fun and limits toxic content but we can't heal our culture if we pretend we're fine. 

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