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I've been underwhelmed by these rappers. I wanted to give hype to the best rappers, but that tended to favor the educated rappers, which is in poor taste to me. Then I tried being lenient and allowing the best artists to shine by a large threshold. I have a new idea now.

The quickest way to catch a digitally ghost-written song is the lack of an innovation. Hip hop basically had one cheesy flow pattern until Tupac and Biggie. Lil Wayne introduced rap-singing, comedy, metaphoric word-play, and the new-money mantra. Drake revolutionized rap-singing with rnb influence, pioneered emotional vulnerability, and the ovoxo sound is nearly its own genre. Tyler and Earl, created tag team trade off of bars, horror-core theatricality, tongue twisters, and performance-tempo rap (not to mention live show choreography). Chief Keef created refrain trap music. XXXTentacion introduced metal breakdowns in hip hop. The point is, these new rappers will not be rewarded simply for rhyming. No innovation, no feature here.

As of 2020, if a rapper doesn't do anything new. They will not be hyped.

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