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Foster Lancast - Game (R.I. Review)

Foster Lancast has matured a lot over the years. His over-hyped and underrated music has finally found its niche market and coherent meaning. Game is by far the best produced and first properly presented album of his; drawing inspiration from "Ever After"s success by using playful promotion but targeting a more cultured audience sonically. Over the years, Foster has had a very strange presence in culture. At times, he's heralded almost like a messiah and yet simultaneously an outcast that inflates the ego of those that are prompted to ridicule him personally.

This is his first album that sounds ready for its own hype. His lifestyle is intense, and that intensity really intimidates most of the people that would otherwise share his values. As a result, people tend to experience his content from a comfortable distance and usually anonymously. However, this album is by far the most polished and it's nice to see an artist with his level of passion, consistent quality, and noble intentions.


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