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What "The Black Lives Matter" movement needs

How to find a Black Lives Matter protest in your area this week - CNET
Most RapIndie articles are acceptance strategies, not intramural flattery. As much as we love hip hop culture, our efforts are for the reception of mainstream America rather than the reception of conventional hip hop audiences.

Let's be real, friendship is nice, but people have always been vane, clique-prone, and selfish. The problem is resource allocation. On an equal playing field, trade is a two way street of positive and negative reinforcement. They can afford to exclude a large population without cost because of generational oppression and an origin of slavery. That doesn't mean socializing doesn't need reform, it's just that mandatory kindness is not a good path to equality. We created a politically-correct cesspool of apathy already.

What we need is mandatory integration. Businesses need to be audited for diversity. The police department needs to be audited for diversity. Media needs to condemn prejudice, instead of teaching the expectation of it and that is a very thin line. 

Cult mentality calls for cult-friendly solutions as well. Maybe the ancient texts were misread. I mean what is the exact complexion that denotes "beast"? Will the Omen be a slave, or does he need freedom to be scary? I'm joking but revisiting everyone's beliefs is important in the crazy world we live in.

Prejudice isn't more lucrative. The only price for integration is ego and as China gains the dominant currency, cruelty isn't even helping America be elite.

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