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Who is Iann Dior?

iann dior on Spotify
Iann Dior is a rap rock hybrid that is about 70% rock and 30% rap in a way similar to XXXTentacion being 30% rock and 70% rap. He collaborated with MGK as he branched out of his hip hop fame so Iann recieved a lot of traffic from hip hop fans for his rock music. That means exposure which is good, but the problem is he isn't that good at rock or rap. Odd Future were prodigies and visionaries. Iann feels manufactured. His videos are light but a dark Death Grips style video would have been much better for his genre-bending audience. He doesn't have much of a message either. He just seems like a stoner saying whatever comes to mind. He also doesn't impact culture in any way. Getting rock accepted with a sprits of ethnic influence is almost unnoticeable. He needs to collaborate with someone actually rock like Tame Impala or Vampire Weekend, or collaborate with someone actually rap like Gucci Mane or 2 Chainz. 

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