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The Stereotypical Rapper

Gucci Mane - Paradigm Talent Agency
Gucci Mane is a stereotypical rapper. However, that allows him to connect with everything people expect from the genre. We've analyzed RapIndie's positive effect on careers of the innovators, suburbanites, and links, but have we analyzed the average rap video's effect socially?

Selling the average rapper is basically selling the average urban person. The question is, has hip hop given up on selling rap to mainstream America? Does the average rap video make people like rappers? Is it designed to? Does urban-focused content empower urban culture more than suburban-focused artists or is it just giving up regardless of the cost?

Even though technology has super powered intelligence, urban culture has been bigger in the past with less intellectual content. That makes the social discord based on power and allegiance. Maybe the rappers with a crowd of thugs are bridging the power gap.

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