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    Everyone understands that Rap Independent is a fusion of hip hop culture with modern American trends. However, sometimes you can habitually make so much content that you forget to evaluate whether or not you are achieving your mission statement. Uniting the rappers and fans that prefer cross-over markets provides self-esteem for the suburban misfits like us that don't identify with most standard hip hop. The problem is what does that accomplish? Togetherness? Confidence? There's a social disconnect that is so prevalent, it drowns out science and reasoning. From personal experience, it seems to be built on a mix of pride and self-interest. 

    The curve ball was when pride transcended logic and became circular: "I'm better because I say so." Intellectual hip hop had a powerful social impact before "I'm better just because" became the social norm. Self interest is circular in logic as well because money and crime could easily be evenly spread, and monetarily probably should be. Maybe RapIndie sort of conserves a sliver of rap culture by keeping the exceptions(links) lit.

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