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Doritos Cool Ranch Chips - 10.5oz : Target
Sometimes you can get so focused on little things that you forget bigger things. The question isn't just are we dissolving the salt, it's if not; what are we doing?
We should be delving into what the haters get from this experience. We need to take the time to focus on better outcomes by identifying what we're accomplishing now.
"Anime", "dudes", "Doritos". Someone decided that being the same color was better than being better. That is the biggest limitation of cross-over artists. It's this blind preference that was never even rationalized or questioned.
Rivalry seems harmless, but it screams "them" instead of "us". That is where orange color schemes, blond dye, and glasses have failed. The question is how do we get back to "us" when there is so much effort to create a "them".

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