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What makes music timeless? Quality is something you find in all timeless music. Sincerity connects with the parts of our humanity that are similar in every generation. Adaptation and consistency can make for long careers, but the best music of any generation always seems to retain its appeal.

Collaborations can date music. Rap has had a lot of phases where you can recognize the era by the flow. Trends and gimmicks tend to fade out fairly quickly. Originality is important. Having the courage to do something that was never cool means you're not connected to the lifetime of a trend.

Sometimes music is ahead of its time. We aren't ready to understand something because a movement hasn't spread to us or we lack the maturity to get into it. Context is important. If you're making music for a genre driven by youth or street cred, being legitimate can help you transcend eras.

Energy and keeping what people liked about your content strong is very important. If you have always been sullen, keeping that consistent can give you a long career. If your fanbase becomes less sullen, it can give you a shorter career.

Aging well is a lot about people and culture. You can do something right in a wrong way. You can do something wrong the right way. Demand plays a huge role because people are willing to accept things that may have been ludicrous when the stakes are high enough to warrant it.

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