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Let's face it, 2021 is a tough audience. The media is not teaching the support of other cultures. RapIndie used to cut through negativity with intellectualism, but now we focus on community and unity. The concept is that prejudice may not go away, but we don't need to wrestle with it in order to be successful. We finally have enough intellectual rappers for a hip hop blog to be significant within the entirety of hip hop culture. 

As great as that is, the bar of mainstream America is really high due to stubborn reluctance. Socially, heritage out weighs intelligence, appearance, and money combined. That's a difficult issue because RapIndie wouldn't necessarily benefit by weighing hip hop like that. Eminem is a beast. We value him more than 30 D12's, but in reverse there are circles that would applaud Yelawolf over Tupac. Copying that hierarchy may be necessary for balance, but it may be a step backwards. RapIndie has a consistent quality control that keeps it much more successful than many websites that glorify mechanical ambient noise.

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