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So "links" was a nice compliment. It acknowledged the occasional inconsistency of society's expectations culturally. "Creators" awarded the vision of Tyler, focused culture on the inspiration of a lot of cool ideas, discouraged over-achieving by questioning its originality, and promoted a very eye-opening artist to more people.

"Links" and "Creators" spread awareness but they also paint a bit of an anomaly to black intelligence. That anomaly fortifies supremacy, and it doesn't send the message of "sameness." "Dark human", "dark educated human", were meant to do this, but they just kind of feel like colorblind supremacy.

The feedback from the world is often much cleaner than their actions. They make sure you have clean intentions, but actively tolerate mistreatment on their end. It's like having a repentant bully. It's a little better, but very confusing.

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