Natural Acceptance

Sometimes, critical criticism makes for better artists. The ones that fought for their position tend to do bigger, greater things. When RapIndie started, there were a lot of rappers prominent in suburban/skater culture. The connection was lifestyle and intelligence. Somewhere down the line, radical culture rearranged the hierarchy of intelligence and heritage. Japanese intelligence; Doritos self-interest; Intelligence became irrelevant culturally. In all fairness, the fruit of education was lesser than that of unified exclusion.

In 2020, the working world politics have put a strain on racial ties. It is just much harder to create successful cross-over music. Eminem and Tyler, The Creator pioneered a self-destructive loyalty to gain 100% commitment from their audiences. Although surmounting negativity is a wonderful skill, and breaking convention makes for much more lucrative careers, there is a certain beauty to natural acceptance. People climb social ladders and chase awards that other people got without a second thought. Access is not always acceptance, teamwork is not always acceptance, and sometimes acceptance comes from bad things.

RapIndie is a community that unifies the anomalies; the others; the cross-over and racially ambiguous and empowers them with their own culture.

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