Megan Thee Stallion and the Total Breakdown of Discourse
When a culture is struggling, it's music is more harshly juried to combat the negative appropriation of it. How many bands are good? Does that justify hate? Was anyone making the case that hip hop didn't sound good enough? Do bad artists bring down criticalness? The consensus is definitely that good music makes people more critical. Bad artists tend to lose attention and further listening segregation rather than lowering quality standards. 

What we really need isn't bad music. It's good and ignant' music. It's good and poverty humanizing music. It's good and easy to make music. 

Does bad music humanize people that are not talented and is that even a good thing? For what it's worth, shouldn't the world be filled with talent in the artist's chosen field? Everyone has things they can do well. A good song can change the world much faster than a symphony of bad music.

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